Blood Stripe

"Made with passion, integrity and skill, "Blood Stripe" is American independent filmmaking at its most effective."

- kenneth turan, la times

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Friday, January 19
Hempstead, NY


Recent screenings

Monday, November 20
San Francisco, CA

Friday, November 10
Durango, CO

thursday, november 9
Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, november 8
Montgomery, AL

tuesday, november 7
austin, tx

monday, november 6
Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, October 9
Los Angeles, CA 

Friday, October 13 - 19
Los Angeles, CA

Post Screening Events Following

sAt. 10/14 7:20 show & Select showings TBD.

Saturday, October 14
city of Industry, CA

For Women Veterans Alliance "Un-Conference" attendees


Saturday, October 21 @ 5 pm & Sunday October 22 @ 12 Pm
Iowa City, IA

         Filmmakers present


"Blood Stripe is centered on an outstanding performance by Kate Nowlin ..."

- Hollywood Reporter

Blood Stripe Still 01.jpg


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photos: Andrew C. Messer