Veteran actor Remy Auberjonois’ polished feature debut provides an impressive showcase for co-scenarist Kate Nowlin as a career Marine derailed by PTSD upon return to civilian life.
— Dennis Harvey, Variety
Auberjonois’ film brings it all back home, ably demonstrating the difficulties that returning soldiers often face in attempting to reintegrate with society... Nowlin’s performance is a marvel of inner turmoil and physical exertion.
— Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter
5 stars. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. ‘Blood Stripe’ is a towering achievement.
— James McDonald, Irish Film Critic
A strong performance by Kate Nowlin as a U.S. Marine returning from her latest tour of duty in Afghanistan fuels this study of post-traumatic stress disorder, though the strength of actor Remy Auberjonois’ tense and troubling directing debut lies in its rejection of easy diagnoses. 
— Justin Chang, LA TIMES
A timely film that shows that the horrors of war are no kinder to women than to’s painful and important.
— Karen M. Peterson, Awards Circuit
Defies the Hollywood odds by getting it right for female veterans.
— We Are The Mighty
Nowlin breathes life into an atypical female anti-hero, presenting a different kind of woman rarely seen on screen. Bringing both an intimidating physicality and a keen sense of fragility, her performance sells the film’s emotional authenticity and gives it a humane depth that draws us deep into her character’s haunted world. Simply put, her performance feels like lighting in a bottle.
— CromeYellow